Quality and Environmental Management

The Campsite has established a quality and environmental policy, which ensures that all the campsite activities are environmentally friendly.



In order to reduce the amount of energy used, the campsite has::

  • Solar panels for generating hot water.
  • Low consumption light bulbs.
  • Regulated timed lighting.


Savings in water consumption are made through:

  • Low consumption taps in sanitary blocks.
  • Aerator taps in the bungalows.
  • Drip irrigation system.


The Campsite has two green areas so that campers can separate waste and manage it properly:

  • Green container: bottles and glass jars
  • Blue container: paper and cardboard
  • Yellow container: plastic, cans, tins and cartons
  • General waste container: organic matter and general rubbish
  • Other containers: batteries (in reception), plastic caps/tops (box)


In order to respect the natural environment of the area and improve biodiversity:

  • We regularly maintain the trees (pines) and the existing local vegetation.
  • We use native species of plants to prevent the introduction of foreign species.
  • We have created a green zone with typical plants of the area, such as olive trees and vines.


In the construction of the buildings and facilities of the campsite we take into consideration:

  • The use of local construction materials, such as local stone, which has been used both in building and on the terracing which compensates for the gentle slopes, as has been done since the old times, when the land of the campsite was dedicated to growing grapes, cereals and olive trees.
  • Landscape integration of the facilities with wooden fences, stone walls, natural colours and vegetation camouflage
Social consciousness


We also give training talks to the campsite staff about the quality and environmental management system, occupational hazards and emergencies. We actively encourage staff to participate and make proposals that will improve the campsite management.

At the campsite we celebrate Environment Week, involving both the staff and the campers. The bar keeps glass and plastic bottles, the cleaners save cardboard boxes from the sanitary blocks, and at the Mini Club we organise workshops that use these recycled materials.