Is there any public transport at the campsite?
No. The nearest train station is 20 km. Taxi services are available. In high season there is a little train that cross all L’Escala and just stop in front of the campsite.


Is it allowed to have a barbeque?
Yes, it is allowed, but only if you use an appropriate charcoal grill.  Under no circumstances is it allowed to make an open fire on the plot.

Is it possible to rent a refrigerator ?
Yes, the campsite has a renting service at the reception or you can ask directly

If we arrive with two cars, can both cars enter the campsite?
No, in every pitch it is only allowed to have one car or campervan, with a maximum of 5 persons. Therefore, in case of two cars, the second car has to be parked outside of the campsite.

When do I have to leave the pitch?
Before 12 a.m.


Are there baby-beds?
We have cribs and high chairs for rent, but they must be requested when booking.

Are dogs or domestic animals allowed at the bungalows?
No,  animals are not allowed to enter the bungalows.

Is someone coming to clean the bungalow?
No, there is no daily cleaning service. During your stay you have to maintain the accomodation yourself. We will hand over the accomodation clean on arrival. If the accomodation is not clean on departure we will retain part of the warrenty deposit.

At what time should I have to leave the bungalow?
Before 11 h. am.


Are dogs allowed?
They are not permitted in bungalows.

Do I need to bring the medical certificates of my dog with me?
Yes. You need to present them on arrival in our reception, Furthermore, you need to comply with the regulations of the campsite regarding dogs and other animals.

Are dogs allowed on the beach?
According to l’Escala City Council, dogs are not allowed on the beach. There is a pet beach at the entrance of the village to the north side of L'Escala.


How do I make a booking?
You can always book through our website or you can send us an email.

Can I pay with credit card during my stay?

Can I check in at any time?
Check-in can be done from 12:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the pitches, and from 4:00 p.m. in the Bungalows.

Do I have to pay all my stay even if I leave before?
Yes, you have to settle your bill in total.

Do you have some type of discount for ticket ADAC, ANWB, etc.?


Is there any entertainment or activities for children?
Yes, there are several kinds of entertainment and activities for children and for adults. However, the activities and program frequency are dependent on season.

Is it possible to rent bicycles?
Yes, but not from the campsite.

From what age children are accepted at the Mini Club?
From 4 years old.

Is there a day care Service?